PS Vita Console Review.

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After countless times putting off buying a PlayStation Vita, late last year there was a sudden price drop in which i just couldn’t pass up. Back in February 2012 when the console was first release I was very skeptical of the console as a whole. having previously being suckered in by spending my money on a PSP when that first released and overall feeling rather disappointed with the product.
In my honest opinion I thought Sony were asking far too much in price for the console and the peripherals themselves were and still are quite expensive (but we’ll get to that later).

The device features a “super oval” shape similar to the design of the original PlayStation Portable, with a 5-inch (130 mm) OLED touchscreen in the center of the device. The device features two analog sticks,a D-pad, a set of standard PlayStation face buttons (TriangleCircleCross and Square), two shoulder buttons (L and R), a PlayStation button and Start and Select buttons. All of which everyone with a recent Sony gaming product has become used to. Inside the console the device features an up to 2 GHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore processor (3 of the 4 cores are usable for applications) and a quad-coreGPU SGX543MP4+. The device also features a rear touch pad, two cameras (a front and a rear), stereo speakers, microphone, Sixaxis motion sensing system (three-axis gyroscope, three-axis accelerometer), three-axis electronic compass, built-in GPS receiver (only for the 3G version) as well as Wi-Fi, 3G, and Bluetooth 2.1+EDR connectivity. The two cameras feature the abilities of face detection, head detection, and head tracking. It also allows for customization and personalization. The PlayStation Vita has 512 MB of system RAM and 128 MB of VRAM. The amount of RAM allows cross-game chat to be used on the system.


Sony released two types of the PlayStation Vita, one being WiFi model (Cheapest), and the other being a 3G model(Expensive).

The Games.
As I didn’t get the console on launch I can’t really comment on the lack of games that were available on launch, bit since launch the library of games for the system has vastly increased, with some AAA like; Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Killzone: Mercenaries and many more. The visuals of the games look absolutely fabulous! A massive help goes to the OLED screen which really makes the colours pop! With the screen being 5 inches it really makes the games look like its pumping out PlayStation 3 type graphics.


Upcoming Games.

The list for the upcoming releases for the PS Vita is very strong in 2014, here are just a few of those titles.
Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD
Borderlands 2
The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
As you can see with these titles alone Sony are doing everything they can to show you what this small and powerful console can do!

Like with any handheld console the Playstation Vita comes with its fair amount of extras the most controversial being the Sony PS Vita Memory Cards. Sony made the bold decision to have no third party memory cards to made, which meant Vita owners had to fork out up to £64.99 for a 32gb memory card. As the console didn’t come with any build in memory, people wanting to buy a Vita were basically forced to purchase a memory card also. On the plus side now you can get bundles where you get an 8gb or 16gb memory cards with downloadable game vouchers (One of these being the deals I purchased).


Remote Play
With the recent release of Sonys brand new console the PlayStation 4, Remote Play is something that Sony had envisioned to be a huge selling point to the PS Vita. Remote Play is where you can connect your vita to the PS4 and while the PS4 is still on you can stream the game you are playing from that on to the screen of your PS Vita. The only issue I have had with this feature is that the frame rate can sometimes dip to where it is visually noticeable, and when playing games like Killzone: Shadow Fall the writing for the mission objectives is so small it is unreadable. For me these are not major flaws and with updates to both consoles can easily be resolved.


Personally I have absolutely loved my experience with my PlayStation vita, and just to mention if you are a PlayStation Plus member you can take advantage of the 2 free games that you get monthly for the console, I have only purchased 3 physical copies of games and the rest I have gotten from this amazing subscription service. The console overall is very comfy in the hand and some of the visuals are breathtaking. The incorporation of the rear touch pad for some games can sometimes be a little off putting but after a few attempts it will feel second nature, or you could just turn them off. The Remote Play feature is a warm welcome as it lets you stream your PS4 content straight to your Vita. Would I recommend people to buy a Vita? Definitely with the recent price drop and some amazing titles that have been released and the number of amazing titles that are up for release this year, I think you would be crazy not to buy one!


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